Love to know about me, the behind person of the Similar Perfume Finder? Keep reading to reveal the story!

Hello, this is Artha from Florida. Glad to find you here on my site. I am working on perfumes, actually.

Let me tell you a story from the back.

When I was a teenager, I watched the Perfume movie. Do you remember the film? Yes, that legendary one. Then I gradually noticed that I am also passionate about perfumes.

I already had a good collection of perfumes then. Suddenly a plan hit me. What if I start blogging about perfumes?

And this blog site you see today was created after that. I try to find similar perfumes and write about them. You know, not every perfume is available in every state or country.

But we can use almost the similar one, right? I always believe that information is everything. So, I try to share information with you as much as I can.

I hope my writings will come to your any help. Thanks for staying with me. It means a lot to me. Love to write me? I will be very happy if you do it. Just click in this contact button and you will find the way to write me directly.