7 Best Valentino Born in Roma Dupe

Love, Femme, Edgy, these are the words for our most cherished Valentino Donna Born In Roma perfume. Donned by our Belle Dames, the perfume is a caress of floral open notes and places a soft kiss of amber on the skin.

House of Valentino surely came up with this lovely pink floral scent so that you can enchant the whole ballroom. The rarest base note among perfumes, bourbon vanilla, will stay with you for a long night.

But ladies let me in you on a secret, there are a host of Valentino Donna dupes and sometimes, I’ll like the dupe more than the original one.

Check out below for Valentino Born in Roma Dupe.

7 Best Valentino Born in Roma Dupe

01# Alibi Eau de Parfum Oscar de la Renta

  • Notes: Orange, ginger flower, vanilla, amber, praline
  • Similar in terms of: Woodsy and vanilla notes with light floral scent

Alibi Eau de Parfum by Oscar de la Renta was introduced as a Gourmand Fragrance in 2021. Till then the perfume has taken the closet space for ladies immediately.

The opening notes are orange and ginger flower, yes you read it right. The ginger flower notes are very subtle yet provide a refreshing charm. The floral accords make it a perfect dupe for Valentino Donna perfume.

The middle notes have refreshing watery notes and vanilla and the end notes are mainly woodsy bases like Amber wood. However, there are lingering very light praline scents to the notes as well.

The perfume is inspired by captivation, more importantly, the duality of women in this age. Be it a casual outing or a timeless style, you can wear it with confidence.

02# Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense

  • Notes: Blackcurrant, jasmine, vanilla, musk, patchouli
  • Similar in terms of: Similar fruity notes with vanilla accords

A more boldly different but with a similar aura, the next Valentino Donna substitute is Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense. Introduced in 2020, the Si Passione Intense has a more strong scent of fruity and woodsy accords.

The opening notes are blackcurrant syrup, with Jasmine as a middle note. It makes the perfume more on the fruity side but also carries a very light floral powdery smell.

The base notes of the perfume contain white musk, vanilla, patchouli and cedar, making it perfect for a cold evening outing.

However, the perfume’s longevity lasts at a moderate level. But even the container of this perfume is very stunning with a ravishingly red colour which can make up for the moderate longevity.

03# Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

  • Notes: Pink pepper, coffee, liquorice, vanilla, cashmere wood
  • Similar in terms of: Soft spicy scent from similar pink pepper notes and woody vanilla accords

Now, this perfume has been introduced way earlier than Valentino Donna, however, it also can be used as a Valentino Donna alternative perfume.

The creators of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, Nathalie Lorson, Honorine Blanc, and others had wanted to make the most seductive and intoxicating perfume out there, and they succeeded while achieving the Allure Award on best of beauty.

The key accord of this perfume is coffee and vanilla, a match made in heaven. The opening notes provide a subtle floral and powdery smell from the pink pepper and orange blossom.

The middle notes of coffee, liquorice and bitter almond sit on your skin and spread a warm spicy coffee scent. The base notes of vanilla and cashmere wood blend in with the coffee.

The strong blend of coffee and vanilla lets you become the intoxicating rock star of the party. It can be chosen as a similar perfume to Valentino Donna Born In Rome.

The bottle design is also very unique matching its predecessors of the Black Opium collection. The black shining container is very attractive to look at and you’ll feel a rock star-ish vibe while holding it in your hands.

04# Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum Spray

  • Notes: Black current, pink pepper, rose, jasmine, musk, patchouli
  • Similar in terms of: Similar vanilla, blackcurrant notes with light floral smell

A softer Valentino Donna Born In Roma substitute is the Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum Spray. This perfume is so versatile that would bode well for your workplace or after-work date night you’ve got this Monday.

Just throw this in your bag, be it day or night, one spray and you are good to go. The longevity of this perfume is pretty good. You can easily get by couple of hours without any extra pump.

The top notes of this perfume is black current and pink pepper. The strong black current notes are very nicely grounded by the middle notes of rose and jasmine.

The end notes of musk and patchouli, blended in with the May rose, will dry down on your skin with a very soft floral and spicy scent, entailing a true romance aura.

05# Vera Wang Princess of Hearts

  • Notes: watermelon, wild strawberry, jasmine, vanilla and musk
  • Similar in terms of: Similar vanilla accords

A great dupe for Valentino Donna Born In Roma perfume is the Vera Wang Princess of Hearts. Introduced in 2017, the Princess of Hearts has been one of the most collected perfume not only for its scent, but also for its cute bottle shape.

The perfume comes in a small pink bottle with a crown as its opener and scribbles all over its body. It’s a must have for princesses like us whose hobby are collecting exclusive perfume bottles and keep it in our vanity bag.

The opening notes of the perfume have watermelon, wild strawberry and Bergamot. A blast of fruity smell is dried down with middle notes of lily and jasmine.

The endnotes of the perfume has a yummy blend of whipped cream, vanilla and musk. The vanilla will stay and incorporate with the other fruity notes to create a trace of fruity, candy scent.

06# Laura Biagiotti – Roma Rosa

  • Notes: Wild strawberry, bergamot, rose, vanilla, sandalwood
  • Similar in terms of: Woody vanilla and light similar floral scent from jasmine

Designed by Laura Biagiotti. the Laura Biagiotti – Roma Rosa has a high level of oil contents. A high oil content means this scent will stay with you for the longest period with the most authentic smells.

With Domitille Michalon Bertier as the nose behind this masterpiece, the key accord of the scent is vanilla. The perfume also has a fruity and floral accord. This makes it perfect for spring and cottages.

The opening notes of Roma Rosa has wild berries and bergamot. The middle notes contain rose and jasmine which makes it a good Valentino Donna Born In Roma alternative.

The end notes contain vanilla, musk and sandalwood. The vanilla is pretty strong which over time subdues the opening fruity smell.

07# Bon Parfumeur Eau De Parfum

  • Notes: Pears, red fruits, neroli, jasmine, vanilla, ambergris
  • Similar in terms of: Similar in light jasmine notes with vanilla scent

Among the perfumes that smell like Valentino Donna Born In Roma, Bon Parfumeur Eau De Parfum is a very close one. The nose behind the perfume is Corinne Cachen. The perfume was introduced in 2017 and soon got the attention of our ladies.

The top notes of the perfume has pears, red fruits and neroli. The middle notes have solar notes which smells rather uncommonly synthetic yet natural, rose and jasmine.

The perfume dries down to take on the end notes of vanilla, musk, white woods and ambergris notes. The end notes of vanilla and the overall fruity smell gives the perfume a very summery feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Would Valentino Donna Born In Roma last long?

Ans: It has a pretty moderate level of longevity, up to 8 hours. It will not last you for the whole day, but won’t vanish after a couple of hours either.

Q2# Would it be okay to wear it at office?

Ans: Yes! You can definitely wear to office, universities and formal occasions. Because everybody likes it for a date night does not mean it can be carried to other events. However, I would suggest to not have more than a pump when going for offices, as the perfume itself has strong notes.

Q3# What are the key notes in the perfume?

Ans: The opening notes have black currant, pink pepper, and bergamot. The middle notes are dominated by jasmine notes like jasmine, jasmine sambac and jasmine tea. The perfume dries to take on the end notes of vanilla, cashmere and guaiac wood.


The Valentino Donna Born In Roma substitutes are great as a dupe or unique wear. I would definitely wear them individually and carry them in my purse. I hope you also made your choice on which substitute may work for you. Have a great day!

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