7 Best Perfumes Similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy – Marc Jacobs Daisy Alternative

How do you guys feel about hippies?

personally, I love hippies. I loved that they stood for peace, nature, and just taking life easy.

I did not get to enjoy their era in the 1980s, but when I first saw the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance in a store display, I thought this was my chance.

Now, people probably wouldn’t describe Marc Jacobs Daisy as a hippie perfume. But, to me, the bottle design, gently floral and woody scent, and light accords immediately reminded me of them.

However, sometimes you may want something a bit muskier, a bit newer, or maybe a bit more masculine.

So sit back, sip some lemonade, and read through the amazing perfumes similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy that I’ve collected for you!

7 Best Perfumes Similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy

1. Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel for Women Eau De Parfum Spray

  • Notes: Jasmine, grapefruit, iris, musk
  • Similar in terms of: A white floral fragrance with citrus and musky accords

We kick off our list with the irreplaceable Chanel.

While the luxury fashion house has many iconic fragrances like Chanel No. 05, Chanel Mademoiselle, and Chanel Chance, Eau Tendre is an underrated perfume that acts as a great Marc Jacobs Daisy alternative.

The top notes of the fragrance consist of quince and grapefruit. Quince is a pear-like fruit that adds a sour and dry note.

The middle notes are floral, with hyacinth and jasmine. Finally, the base notes are iris, musk, amber, and Virginia cedar.

The strength and longevity of the scent is moderate. It is not overwhelming, which is good, but that also means that it doesn’t last particularly long. I would recommend carrying it for reapplication.

With the sweet and sour fruit combined with light florals, this is the perfect springtime perfume.

I can easily imagine spraying on a few spritzes before an outdoor picnic, or maybe a walk in the park.

2. Dior Addict By Christian Dior For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray

  • Notes: Mandarin, jasmine sambac, neroli, vanilla
  • Similar in terms of: White floral fragrance with citrus and fresh accords

If you’re looking for a Marc Jacobs Daisy clone that is super simple and fresh, highlighting the best parts of the original, then look no further!

Just the note composition makes the point easily. The single top note is Sicilian mandarin, followed by the middle notes which are floral, with Jasmine sambac and Tunisian neroli. Finally, the base notes consist of vanilla and sandalwood.

With a grand total of 5 notes, the fragrance still ensures a memorable scent, hitting the white floral and citrus accords, thanks to high-quality ingredients. It is almost reminiscent of a glass of fruity champagne.

However, due to this simplicity, the longevity of the perfume is not that long. That can be perfect if you’re looking for a soft and easy-to-wear fragrance for daily usage, especially in the springtime!

3. O Boticário Lily Eau de Parfum, Long-Lasting Fragrance Perfume for Women

  • Notes: Apricot, jasmine, rose, vanilla, musk
  • Similar in terms of: White floral, powdery perfume

What makes this cologne like Marc Jacobs Daisy, other than the fact that they are both named after flowers?

Well, Lily is also a white floral, fruity, and powdery accorded perfume that comes in a beautiful and unique bottle!

The note composition also has some unique names. The top notes mainly include sweet fruits, such as peach, apricot, mandarin orange, pear, and pink pepper. In the middle, we have the floral notes of lily, jasmine, iris, gardenia, narcissus, osmanthus, violet, and rose.

Finally, the base notes are fairly standard woody and musky, with vanilla, musk, amber, sandalwood, moss, vetiver, and patchouli.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these notes. Pink pepper is a slightly spicy but sweet note that adds warmth. Osmanthus is an Asian flower that is reminiscent of apricot, with a woody touch. Narcissus is a rarer white floral note that has a slight animalic scent.

Thanks to the more musky and woody notes, Lily is just as appropriate for night events as it is for the daytime. This is perfect if you were looking for a Marc Jacobs Daisy dupe for your late-night parties!

4. AVON Incandessence Lotus Eau de Parfum

  • Notes: Quince, ivy, peony, musk, vanilla
  • Similar in terms of: Fruity, floral fragrance

My regular readers know that I’m a big lover of beautiful bottles. I was half sold on this recent Avon launch even before I realized it was a Marc Jacobs Daisy knock-off!

The top notes are sweet and fruity, with quince, ivy, and blackberry. The middle notes are florals, consisting of peony, lotus, and white ginger lily. Finally, the base notes are made up of musk, vanilla, violet, and woody notes.

The fruit notes are strong, especially since the floral notes are softer. I also found the blending of the fragrance to be smoother. It might be more appropriate for spring, as the sweetness may be a bit overwhelming for summer.

If you’re a fan of luxury perfumes, don’t write off Avon just because it’s a department store brand.

In fact, the availability and more affordable price point may make this an even better option to consider if you’re looking for a perfume like Marc Jacobs Daisy, as you get to try out the gentle scent without investing too much!

5. Versace Yellow Diamond Eau de Toilette Spray

  • Notes: pear, mimosa, water lily, musk, amber
  • Similar in terms of: Powdery, white floral scent with citrus notes

It may be surprising to see Versace on this list when we know that they are known for louder, bold fragrances and designs. How can that brand make something that smells like Marc Jacobs Daisy, which is a sweet gentle scent?

Well, never say never…

Versace managed to do the impossible, and make a perfume that is both bright and electric while also acting like a Marc Jacobs Daisy knockoff!

The top notes of this scent are citrus-packed, with Amalfi lemon, pear, neroli, and bergamot. The middle notes add some florals, with mimosa, freesia, African orange flower, and water lily. Finally, the base notes are amber, musk, and Guaiac wood.

It’s easy to see from here that the sources of the notes are very important. Amalfi lemon comes straight from the coasts of Italy, African orange flower adds a fresh white floral note, and Guaiac wood comes from South America.

Also, an interesting fact!

Mimosa here does not refer to many people’s favorite brunch alcoholic drink! It’s actually a sweet powdery flower that has some woody notes.

The perfume manages to be very citrusy and bright while also maintaining a floral, sweet undertone. Perfect if you’re looking for a slightly louder Marc Jacobs Daisy dupe.

6. Victoria’s Secret First Love Scented Body Mist

  • Notes: Violet leaf, lily-of-the-valley, musk
  • Similar in terms of: Ozonic, powdery floral fragrance

Victoria’s Secret generally makes younger, louder, and stronger perfumes that target young women, but you’ll love this toned-down Marc Jacobs Daisy dupe from their collection.

There are only three notes: violet leaf at the top, followed by lily-of-the-valley in the middle, and rounded off by musk at the base.

However, that doesn’t stop it from hitting all the right accords. It indicates white florals along with a musky undertone, and it is also ozonic. Ozonic means that it is oceanic or aquatic, ensuring a fresh and crisp finish.

The bottle is also super classy: a tall, cool green glass bottle with some lovely detailing.

One drawback is definitely the weak longevity. You could opt for the lotion version of this scent, which lasts a bit longer, or layer it with similar perfumes.

For my younger readers looking for the right cologne that smells like Marc Jacobs Daisy without being too mature, I hope this option meets your standards!

7. Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Summerbloom Eau de Toilette

  • Notes: Pear, water lily, jasmine, musk, vanilla
  • Similar in terms of: Aquatic, sweet, floral perfume

Elizabeth Arden is hands down one of my favorite perfume brands. White Diamonds and 5th Avenue are some of my go-to scents.

So when I discovered that they had this underrated Marc Jacobs Daisy clone hidden in their collection, I was ecstatic!

The top notes consist of pear, water lily, and ivy. In the middle, we have floral notes of hortensia, jasmine, and violet. The base notes are simple, with musk, vanilla, and cedar.

This note composition is quite different from what we’ve seen in other colognes that smell like Marc Jacobs Daisy on this list. For one, we have only one fruit, pear, and it is accompanied by floral water lily and fresh ivy in the opening notes.

Moreover, the floral notes in the middle are not all white. Hortensia, for example, is a fresh floral from a blue flower.

Despite all this, the combination actually works remarkably well and creates a very light but sweet fresh, floral scent. The aquatic accord is also quite dominant.

This makes the scent quite cool, which is perfect for a hot summer’s day. While many sweet perfumes may feel cloying or overwhelming in the heat, this one will just add a touch of green and floral for a perfect everyday usage perfume.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# What are the notes in Marc Jacobs Daisy?

Ans: The top notes are fruit-inspired, with strawberry, violet leaf, and blood grapefruit. The middle notes are floral, with gardenia, jasmine, and violet. Finally, the base notes consist of vanilla, musk, and white woods.

Q2# When should I wear Marc Jacobs Daisy?

Ans: Marc Jacobs Daisy is a spring or summertime perfume, which is most appropriate for the daytime.

Q3# How long does Marc Jacobs Daisy last?

Ans: Marc Jacobs Daisy has moderate longevity, which means it will last 4 to 6 hours on most occasions. Layering or spraying on clothes may increase the time it lasts.

Final Thoughts

This list of Marc Jacobs Daisy alternatives had all kinds of scents, ranging from night-time clones to brighter options, to some lesser-known brand names. Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope you were able to find it!

So, what’s your favorite spring or summer perfume? Which perfume should I tackle next? Let me know!

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