7 Best Perfumes Similar to Prada Candy (Prada Candy Alternative)

Sometimes, I just feel like smelling like a vanilla cupcake. Sweet, warm, and delicious.

Prada Candy was one of my first gourmand perfumes. It’s probably the closest you can get to smelling like a baked good. It smells heavenly and almost good enough to drink – but definitely don’t try that, trust me.

It’s one of my favorite perfumes and I love how it smells young and sweet but also has an element of sophistication.

It would be the perfect perfume, except it’s not readily available everywhere and is definitely a pretty expensive bottle.

Not to fear, my dear readers: I have the solution!

Today, I’m sharing with you 7 amazing Prada Candy alternatives that will let you smell like the world’s best bakery without breaking the bank. Each of these are perfumes similar to Prada Candy but unique in their own ways.

7 Best Perfumes Similar to Prada Candy

1. Delicious Cotton Candy by Gale Hayman for Women Eau de Toilette Spray

  • Notes: Caramel; Bergamot; Cotton candy
  • Similar in terms of: Is a Gourmand Scent with Vanilla Notes

One sniff of this perfume would be enough to show you why it’s named Delicious Cotton Candy.

The blend of elements makes it an excellent Prada Candy knockoff:

This sweet scent comes with fruity tones of orange and clementine and floral tones of lily of the valley, all underlined with the gourmand (meaning edible-smelling) fragrances of vanilla, caramel, and cotton candy, of course.

This perfume isn’t the most long-lasting but works perfectly for shorter outings. Moreover, the beautiful design of the bottle makes it a great addition to anyone’s collection – even as a gift!

If you’re seeking a cologne like Prada Candy for a young lady, especially a teenager, this is a perfect choice.

Not only is the fragrance similar, but it is also said to have a powdery undertone similar to most perfumes for younger girls and is the perfect understated sweet perfume for a first-time user.

2. Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance, Pure Vanilla for Women Eau de Toilette Spray

  • Notes: Madagascar vanilla, Tonka bean, Heliotrope
  • Similar in terms of: Is a Vanilla-centric Scent

Reading the name of our second Prada Candy knock-off, you’re probably as confused as I am. How can a fragrance be healthy?

The answer is quite simple:

Lavanila uses ethically sourced ingredients and incorporates organic sugar cane alcohol and essential oils to be gentle on your skin. What’s more, this eau de toilette’s main note is vanilla, just like Prada Candy, and is a sweet scent.

My favorite thing about this Lavanila fragrance is while it definitely smells like Prada Candy, it has a more natural feel to it than most sweet scents, which are usually very artificial or overpowering. As a result, it’s versatile and perfect for those who like to layer perfumes every now and then to create a signature blend!

The fragrance is moderately long-lasting, and a few sprays are sufficient, meaning a single bottle will last you a long time.

3. Pink Sugar by Aquolina for Women Eau de Toilette Spray

  • Notes: Raspberry, caramel, vanilla
  • Similar in terms of: Is a Gourmand Scent that is Sweet

It would be impossible to make a list of perfumes like Prada Candy without including Pink Sugar.

The top notes of this perfume are mainly fruit-based: raspberry, orange, bergamot, and fig leaf. The middle notes are sweeter, with cotton candy, licorice, red berries, strawberry and lily-of-the-valley. Finally, the base notes are what make the perfume a gourmand scent: caramel, vanilla, musk, tonka bean and sandalwood.

The reason why this scent is practically a Prada Candy clone is not only due to the common fragrance notes, but also maintains that balance of sweetness and sophistication that the Prada Candy is famous for.

Another reason to fall in love with this eau de toilette:

It lasts forever! This scent stays on me all day and I can sometimes even smell it on me the next morning.

Another aspect of Pink Sugar that you might enjoy is that it’s a dynamic scent. Upon the first spray, the top notes are very strong, especially the sharp scent of bergamot. After a while, however, they fade away to bring out the sweeter (and yummier) notes of vanilla and caramel.

4. Beyonce Pulse NYC for Women Eau De Parfum Spray

  • Notes: Raspberry, cupcake, orchid
  • Similar in terms of: Is a Sweet Scent with Warm Spicy Accords

Cue the Beyoncé GIFs!

Just like the queen herself, this scent is an excellent addition to any collection.

It has fruity and floral top notes of raspberry, pomegranate, pear, peony and jasmine. The middle note is orchid which is Beyoncé’s favorite flower, by the way! Finally, the base notes are cupcake and patchouli, which gives the perfume its warmth and sweetness.

While it may not seem it at first glance, this eau de parfum is actually a great Prada Candy dupe due to the gourmand notes with a great mix of sweet and sophisticated undertones.

Guess the inspiration?

Beyoncé made this scent inspired by New York City itself and its famous dessert of red velvet cupcakes!

The scent is moderately long-lasting, but a few more sprays may be needed to make it last through the day. The patchouli undertone is strong and if that’s not a scent you like, I would not recommend this perfume. I personally do enjoy the patchouli as it adds a vintage, warm, and classy layer to the edible tones of this cupcake-based perfume.

Plus, the bottle is beautiful and I love having it on my dresser.

5. Fancy by Jessica Simpson Women’s Eau De Parfum Spray

  • Notes: Caramel, vanilla, pear
  • Similar in terms of: Is an Amber, Sweet Scent with Vanilla Notes

I know what you’re thinking – another celebrity perfume? Hear me out, though – Jessica Simpson has done a great job with this scent and it’s a superb Prada Candy alternative.

The top notes are fruity with apricot, pear, and red berries – that sounds like the perfect recipe for a smoothie. In the middle, we have almond and caramel with floral gardenia and jasmine, which give it a more well-rounded and sweet scent. Amber, vanilla, and sandalwood make up the base notes.

These are what make this cologne smell like Prada Candy. Plus, it has powdery and slightly nutty accords that further make them similar.

In addition to the delicious scent, I simply love the design of this bottle. Celebrity perfumes always have gorgeous designs and I feel that this one, in particular, has a really classy and elegant look.

It’s a long-lasting scent, with two or three sprays outlasting the day. As most of the fragrance notes are fruity, sweet, and rich, I highly recommend that the user beware of over spraying. You don’t want the cloying scent to suffocate the people around you – or attract bees!

6. NIB True Religion Love Hope Denim Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

  • Notes: Caramel, almond, vanilla
  • Similar in terms of: Is a Musky Amber Scent with Vanilla

Am I the only one who thought True Religion only made amazing jeans? Well, I hope you’re ready to be proven wrong just like I was, because they make awesome perfumes, too!

The top notes of this eau de parfum are pink kiwi, apple, and peach blossom. The middle notes are iris, caramel, and sugared almond. Finally, the base or dry-down notes are brown sugar, Madagascar vanilla, and candied musk.

The combination of these fragrance notes means that it smells like Prada Candy, with that addictive mix of sweet, amber, powdery, and musky accords.

The scent is moderately long-lasting. It’s definitely a softer fragrance and I like to layer it to give it more dimension. If you’re skeptical of gourmand fragrances because they can be too cloying or overpowering, this is a great place to start.

At first spray, it may seem too fruity to be a Prada Candy dupe, but after half an hour or so, the scent fades into the sweeter, more sugary notes of Prada Candy.

7. Guess Marciano Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

  • Notes: Cardamom, jasmine, vanilla, musk
  • Similar in terms of: Is a Warm Spicy Scent with Vanilla Notes

Don’t be intimidated by that brand name!

This perfume is a surprisingly affordable Prada Candy knockoff. The top notes are heavily fruity, with curacao, star fruit, and grapefruit, which give the perfume a sharper and citrus-y accord. The middle notes are more floral with peony, honeysuckle, and jasmine, providing a well-rounded scent.

Finally, the musk, vanilla, and woody base notes make this scent almost identical to Prada Candy.

At first glance, you might guess this scent is fruitier or citrus-based than the Prada Candy, and you’d be right to guess so. However, the floral and sweet base notes make it smell less sharp and more like fruit candy, incorporating powdery and musky accords.

Plus, it has those warm spicy and balsamic tones just like the Prada Candy that are very hard to find. I personally like this dimension but it may not be for everyone.

It’s a moderately long-lasting scent with great value for money. Plus, it’s fresh enough to be a superb daytime Prada Candy alternative, unlike most gourmand scents.

Final Thoughts

The world of gourmand scents may seem intimidating from the outside, but there’s actually a lot of variety and options within it. The perfect gourmand scent will make you feel feminine, elegant, and sophisticated at the same time.

I hope you were able to find a perfume similar to Prada Candy that matches your signature style in this list! Let me know what your favorite was.

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