9 Replica by the Fireplace Dupe

When we think of famous perfumes for both men and women, Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica by the Fireplace definitely stays on the list.

Launched back in 2015, the nose for this iconic fragrance was Marie Salamanca. The composition for this perfume was deemed caramel, creamy vanilla, and rich with full of life. If you don’t already know, Replica by the fireplace is a woody-spicy fragrance that invokes the holiday spirit in all of us.

If this piques your curiosity and you want to find a Replica by the Fireplace Dupe?

Then we got you covered! Here are 9 Replica by the Fireplace Dupe so you can smell your best without pulling the strings of your wallets. Let’s start!

9 Replica by the Fireplace Dupe

01. Campfire Nights Alexandria Fragrances

If you are a perfume enthusiast, you know how spot-on Alexandria Fragrances are with their luxury perfume dupes. They capture the feeling of the original perfume and provide a similar smell without using its ingredients.

The longevity and sillage are both long-lasting. Campfire Nights is an Amber vanilla fragrance that was launched in 2020. This perfume is a strong contender for Replica perfume dupes. But how, you ask?

Remember we talked about the essence of awakening the holiday spirit? Well, this fragrance will do the same for you. The Main accorded being Vanilla and warm spice and base notes of orange blossom, chestnut, and vanilla, make this fragrance very close to the real deal.

02. Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford

If you have used the original perfume, you know that one smell that is very strong and persistent is the smell of woody tobacco. This is why Tobacco Vanille By Tom Ford is the perfect replica by the fireplace dupe.

Launched in 2007, Tobacco Vanille has an amber spicy smell when it’s first applied. The main accords are vanilla and best worn during fall/winter. The price is a bit high but worth your money.

As a dupe for Replica by the Fireplace, this fragrance has the same middle and base notes of vanilla and woody tobacco. Because the ingredients in the bottle are made from a rich blend of notes, it has a pretty strong smell and will linger for an eternity.

03. Noir Exquis L’Artisan Perfumeur

Next on the list of by the fireplace dupe we have Noir Exquis by L’Artisan Parfumeur. It’s a gourmand-smelling perfume but has that edge and wearability that anyone can pull off. It’s not a 1-to-1 match, but it takes the original smell and spins it sweeter.

The main accords consist of vanilla and warm spice. Perfect to wear on dates and late-night events. Base notes include vanilla, sandalwood, Tonka bean, and ebony, all while with the opening scent of oranges and chestnut.

It’s a long-lasting perfume with moderate sillage. And can be worn by both men and women. If you are considering buying this one, you should do a Swatch test as the fragrance has some allergy-inducing irritants.

04. Ameer Al Oudh Intense Oud Lattafa Perfumes

With the central accord consisting of vanilla and wood, this perfume was launched in 2021 to stratify the lovers of sweet and spicy. Lattafa Perfumes has been making these fantastic blends of scents that resemble high-end perfumes.

The base notes for this fragrance are agarwood, sandalwood, and herbal notes. Middle notes include a blend of sugar and vanilla. And the opening notes are woody. This is a great value-for-money fragrance with long-lasting powers.

This one has caused quite a bit of debate in the perfume community about whether it’s a By the Fireplace perfume replica.

Some will say this is the perfect match of the original, and others will say they are the opposite. Now, which team are you on? That’s for you to decide.

05. Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Another replica by the fireplace dupe is Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis. The nose behind this fragrance was Maison himself, who has used fresh blends of top-quality ingredients to make a fragrance last eternally long.

The price is very high compared to the other fragrances I have listed here. But if you are someone who has that extra bit of cash to spend, you should check this perfume out. Wear it on interview day or in a meeting where you want to have a lasting impact on people.

This perfume Smells like the replica by the fireplace but does not have the exact middle or base notes. Saffron and Jasmine is the top note with amber floral main accords, so you can tell where the similarity comes from.

06. Mercedes Benz Club Black

All the men out there, don’t think we forgot you. Mercedes Benz has got you covered with their Club Black fragrance. A fruity amber fragrance first launched in 2017 by world-famous perfumers.

This replica by the fireplace clone has openings of bergamot, base notes of vanilla, woody notes, benzoin, and middle notes of jasmine and incense. The best time to wear this perfume is at night time and during the fall/winter times.

The sillage is strong, and the longevity is very long-lasting. Another way to describe this perfume is that it has a very creamy vanilla-tobacco feel to it when you first apply it. Making it a perfect date night companion.

07. Memoirs Of A Trespasser Imaginary Authors

Amber vanilla scents with a hint of spicy wood are how most will describe this particular perfume, which is precisely in line with Replica by the fireplace. Launched in 2012, the nose for Memories of A Trespasser Imaginary Authors was Josh Meyer.

This perfume has a euphoric backstory to the list of Replica by the fireplace alternative. Philip Sava, a world traveler who spent years in solitude in Madagascar, was the main inspiration for this colonoscopic collection of perfumes.

It takes the vibe of Replica by the fireplace and turns its head around towards more earthy and woody scents. The main accords for this perfume are woody and vanilla with lasting notes of benzoin, clay, and musk with a mix of vanilla and oak.

08. Emporio Armani Stronger With You

This perfume was deemed the scent of modern love. Launched in 2017, the vision was to create a line of his/her fragrance that symbolizes companionship and individuality. ‘Stronger with you’ perfume is for men, and ‘Because it’s you’ is for women.

‘Stronger with you”, in particular, is an alternative for replicas by the fireplace. The main accords of Armani are warm spice and vanilla. The smell starts as herbal cardamom, pink pepper, and minty, and after 5-6 hours will wear down to chestnut, amber, vanilla, and cedar.

The middle notes are rather fruity with pineapple, melon, lavender, and cinnamon. It’s a long-lasting perfume with solid sillage. For its retail price, it’s quite honestly a great bargain.

09. Bonfire Bash By Bath & Body World

If you like the scent of Replica by the fireplace but hate the overbearing robust, and pungent smell of it, then you can try Bath & Body Works Bonfire Bash. It’s a very fall/ winter wearable fragrance that first intruded into the seasonal collection in 2018.

It has a cozy, soft, and creamy sandalwood base with top notes of sweet vanilla bourbon and tone-downed musk. Since it’s a body mist, the longevity will be less, but I suggest you pair it with a similar smelling body lotion to amplify the fragrance.

It’s a great alternative to the original and can be repurchased multiple times if you run out quickly, which I’m sure you will. You can expect this gourmand perfume to perform just like you imagined.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q1# Is Replica by the fireplace gourmand?

Ans: The perfume has pink paper spices infused with sweet chestnut and warm vanilla accords. So yes. It’s a very spicy gourmand perfume.

Q2# Will my Replica by the fireplace expire or go bad?

Ans: It should not. A perfume of this caliber should last you about 6-10 years. But if you are one of those forgetful forgers who forgets to keep the lid on perfume, then the scent might quickly fade due to the chemical reaction in the air.

Q3# What is another best-selling perfume by Maison Margiela besides ‘Replica by the fireplace’?

Ans: Soul of the forest is one of their best-selling perfume to this day. It’s very woody, ambery, and has heavy spice notes. The ultimate autumn essential if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

All of these perfumes were picked with well thoughts and practicality. Some aromas might come across as harsher than others or can smell different in the bottle instead of putting it on your skin.

Do a smell test before ordering one. So did you enjoy our picks for the Replica by the Fireplace Dupe? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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