7 Best Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Dupe

How would you describe the scent of Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc?  Floral or Fruity? According to Tom Ford, the perfume is a bright combination of citrus and white flowers.

This perfume was first launched in 2018. and is one of their top-selling fragrance to this day. So no wonder people would want to buy this beautiful and illuminating summer scent.

But let’s be honest, the majority of us steer away from such heavy price tags and look for cheaper dupes.

This is why I have put my nose to the test and found the 7 best Tom Ford Soleil Blanc dupes.

So without further ado, let’s start!

7 Best Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Dupe

01# Nest Sunkissed Hibiscus

  • Similarity: Amber florals with a hint of Orange Blossoms
  • Notes: White floral, Coconut, Tropical, Sweet Tuberose, Amber, and Citrus.

Sunkissed Hibiscus by Nest is the perfect fragrance for the summer beach fun vibe. Even though the name suggests the Hibiscus, the perfume is more towards the coconut and vanilla cream side.

The Tom Ford Soleil Blanc has lots of citrus, fresh spices, and floral notes. So it’s a perfect summer getaway fragrance for those who go on holiday around the coast of Europe.

The smell is similar to Soleil Blanc and exudes the same summer daytime relaxing feelings. One thing to note here is that the Sunkissed Hibiscus is not as romantic as Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc but definitely captures the tone-down smell of Soleil Blanc after it’s settled in the skin.

02# Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal

  • Similarity: Exotic sweet, warm and floral, Capturing the rich essence of a long-lasting smell.
  • Notes: Vanilla, Coconut, White Floral, Yellow Floral, Citrus, Iris, and Lactonic.

Next on the list of tom ford Soleil Blanc alternatives. We have La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal by Lancôme. Landcôme is a brand chiefly associated with cosmetics, but the perfumes are just as good if not great.

The perfume was launched in 2021, and the inspiration behind the fragrance was a daytime dates for individuals who are young at heart.

It is a long-lasting vanilla scent with lovely pink ombré packaging and a pink bow on the cap. The fragrance is a beautiful gift idea around the holiday times for those who enjoy collecting perfumes. The scent has a very familiar and classical feel to it. Very suitable for mature users.

03# Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

  • Similarity: Base notes are Amber and Vanilla, and the feeling is luxurious bronzed summer.
  • Notes: Sweet, White Floral, Fresh spice, Citrus, Powdery, Coconut, and Vanilla.

It came to me as a surprise that Estee Lauder had come with a summer fragrance line back in 2016. Usually, Estee Lauder tries to make perfumes that are more old and classical, but this line was both unique and very reminiscent of our scent today.

Bronze Goddess has a sun-drenched sensual feeling, which comes from the distinctive features of Warm Amber and Bergamot.

You will also get a whiff of creamy coconut after the scent dries down beautifully.

There have been reports of it drying down on people smelling like a suntan lotion. So be sure to use a tester before purchasing it online or blind buy. As most users say, it is an unintentional Soleil Blanc dupe.

04# Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum

  • Similarity: A relaxing summer evening feeling with the familiar scent of bergamot, gardenia, and coconut.
  • Notes: Bergamot, White floral, Coconut, Vanilla, Musk, and Orange Blossoms.

If there is one perfume you can count on that will be a bargain for your buck and give you a very intimate boutique luxurious experience, that will be Guerlain’s.

Ms. Angelina Jolie is a big fan of Guerlain and its line of fragrances. The Terracotta Le Parfum by Guerlain is an expensive tom ford Soleil Blanc clone.

You may not like the price tag, but I assure you won’t regret every penny you invest in this fragrance. You only need 1-2 spritz on your neck, and it will last you upto 3-4 days. The sillage is moderate to high. You can wear this perfume on a nice date or to a wedding.

05# Very Sexy Now (2016) by Victoria’s Secret

  • Similarity: Coconut beach vibes with a mild smell of fruits and cream
  • Notes: Fruity Notes, Coconut Nectar, Sand, Pick Lotus, White Musk, and Vanilla.

Let’s say we are on a tighter budget, and buying boutique-style perfumes is off the table. Well, I found a Soleil Blanc dupe that is both budget-friendly and widely available. It’s Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy Now.

I must warn you one thing like all other VS perfumes; it’s not long-lasting.

It’s a low-commitment perfume with a pleasant fragrance that pays off. . The bottle has a nice sapphire stone cap with a light pink hue on the body. It’s a very Summertime type of perfume. And anyone living on the West Coast can testify that the smell indeed reminds them of warm sands near the ocean.

06# Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum

  • Similarity: It’s on the more Floral side of TF’s Soleil Blanc. It’s citrusy and refreshing with a base note of Coconut Milk.
  • Notes: Orange Blossoms, Bergamot, Magnolia, Vanilla, Pebbles, and Mandarin Oranges.

This perfume is one of my personal favorites to wear during a day out at Disneyland. It’s got that very refreshing and uplifting smell that lasts all day.

You can think of this perfume as an opulent warm hug in a rose garden. Very Keira Knightley-esque if I do say so myself.

Another great thing about this perfume is that it can be worn both day and nighttime. So if you plan an adventurous rendezvous with your partner, this scent will not disappoint you.

The perfume was first launched in 2012, and the nose behind it was Sergei Majoullier. He is famous for being the nose behind most Karl Lagerfeld and Jo Malone perfumes. Prodigieux Le Parfum by Neux has all the top notes of TF, which makes it the perfect Tom Ford Soleil Blanc replica.

07# Montale Intense Tiarè

  • Similarity: The notes are very close to TF’s Soleil Blanc but a bit more intense as it’s a unisex perfume.
  • Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Coconut, Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang, Tiare Flower.

Closing off today’s list with Intense Tiaré by Montale. Anyone looking for a long-wearing perfume that won’t evaporate even after a fun day at the beach, then Intense Tiaré has your back. The sillage is enormous, and the longevity is what feels like an eternity. Which means the bottle will last you for years.

Even though it’s marketed to be a unisex perfume, most perfume fanatics will agree that it’s slightly more feminine. It’s a solid floral that slowly evolves to a sweet Coconut and Tiare.The packing is also very shiny, while the bottle resembles an alcohol flask.

It’s definitely more tropical and has that fresh synthetic feeling, which makes it a strong contender for the TF Soleil Blanc Dupe list.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of the 7 best Tom Ford Soleil Blanc dupes. Which was your favorite one, and did you know any cheaper alternatives that resemble the smell? Let me know in the comments below!

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