How to Apply Solid Perfume?

For generations, people have used fragrances and perfumes. Not to mention, memories are also connected to a wide variety of perfumes! But how we create new fragrances and use existing ones has evolved.

Nowadays, everyone is turning more and more to solid perfumes as their primary source of fragrance. Still, many individuals don’t know how to apply it or even what it is.

However, since these types of colognes and perfumes are probably not something you encounter every day, it makes sense that you might be wondering, “How in the world do you apply these types of perfume?!”

Here is our detailed guide on applying solid perfumes, regardless of whether you are new to them or an experienced user looking for some affirmation.

How to Apply Solid Perfume?

It’s incredibly simple and easy to apply solid perfumes. However, it requires some time to appreciate this product’s brilliance properly.

Therefore, understanding how to apply solid perfume is crucial regardless of whether you are unfamiliar with it or have been applying it for a while. Rest assured, and see our detailed instructions below for a breakdown of how to apply solid perfumes:

Step 01# Uncover the Perfume by Turning Over the Lid

Start by holding the tin container’s base between your middle and pointer fingers. Your thumb should be on the upper part. After that, use your thumb to open the perfume’s cover.

You must use your thumb to learn how to open the cover because it could vary from product to product. In either case, the lid should slide open at the container’s top.

Step 02# Use your Fingers to Swipe Through the Perfume

Since the cover is now open, feel free to use your fingers to get some of that perfume on your skin! Using your fingertips, lightly run them over the wax perfume’s surface a few times. Don’t use more than what you will need, and be generous instead!

We don’t recommend you dig your fingers into the perfume, as you will only get more than what you need. You don’t want your scent to be overbearing for the people around you!

Step 03# And BAM! Put Some on Your Pulse Points

The next step is to apply the wax perfume, considering that you already have a small amount on your fingertips.

You need to be aware of when and where to apply the perfume. The waxy part of the perfume needs to be applied to your pulse points, much like other perfumes. These areas include the top of your neck, your wrist, the inside of your elbow, and as well as your chest.

Advantages of Applying a Solid Perfume

Let us now discuss the advantages of using a solid fragrance or perfume. Solid perfumes are incredible for a number of reasons:

01# Gentle on the Skin

They are great for dry skin conditions and are skin-friendly. This is because they are far more hydrating and nourishing than typical oud perfumes and agarwood fragrances. Since they are hydrating, you can also use them on your cuticles and other dry places.

02# No Leakage Problems

Everyone worries that their perfume bottles will leak while they are traveling, which can spoil their trip. As a result, solid perfumes won’t leak, allowing anyone to carry them in their luggage without concern.

03# Contains Only Organic and Natural Ingredients

Alcohol is typically the main component of spray perfumes, and it normally fades fast. Whereas solid perfumes are entirely made of essential oils, are alcohol-free, and have no irritants.

04# Very Portable and Convenient

Due to their compact size and low weight, they are portable. Solid perfume container is small and easy to carry in one’s suitcase or luggage. In contrast, a 100 ml container of perfume is difficult to pack in a bag when traveling, with the risk of breaking or spilling.

Where to Apply Solid Perfumes?

This tiny, balm-like product has a wonderful, simple, and subtle touch. So now, let us talk about the best places to apply solid perfumes, so they leave a positive impression on other people:

  • The Wrist

The most popular pulse point to apply strong, long-lasting perfume is the wrist. All day long, anytime you move your hands, people around you will be able to catch the aroma of your perfume.

It only takes a few seconds to lightly rub a fingertip or two across the fragrance wax’s surface before applying it to both sides of your wrist.

  • The Neck

The neck is the second-most common area and is ideal for wearing solid perfumes.

  • Pulse Point

You should apply solid perfumes to your pulse points. Pulse points include the region behind your ears, behind your knees, and underneath your elbows, in addition to the neck and wrist.

Your body heat in these areas aids in maintaining a pleasant scent all day long!

  • Beard, Mustache, and Hairs

Solid fragrances can also be applied to your hair, beard, and mustache as a moisturizer. This is among the most inventive ways to use solid perfume. The natural oils found in aromatic perfumes will treat and smooth facial hair!

Perfume in solid form can also serve as hair wax. You will have well nourished hair that also smells fantastic in this way.

Is applying solid perfumes better than liquid?

The answer is a solid no. Regarding wear time or smell intensity, solid perfume is not really any better or worse compared to a roll on or a spray perfume. It all depends on your own style when deciding on the ideal packaging or applying preference for your everyday fragrance.

How long does solid perfume last after applying?

It has a duration of 4 to 8 hours and is meant to wear off gradually. Solid perfumes are typically more potent and can stay for a long time on the skin because of how the organic components have been packed into a tiny bar.

Additionally, they don’t contain alcohol, in contrast to liquid or roll on perfumes. However, you will probably need to reapply more frequently in the summer or when it’s hot.

Final Thoughts

Although applying solid perfumes is not complicated, doing it correctly, such as applying them in the appropriate places, can have a significant impact.

Just as a reminder, applying them to your pulse points is a win win situation, as the heat emitted from those areas makes the fragrance last longer. And that’s it! You know how to apply solid perfumes now!

Once you have finished applying, use your thumb to secure the perfume’s cover. And all you have to do to use it once more is to repeat the first step!

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