How to Pack Perfume for Moving?

Moving is difficult as it is without having to stress over packing your assortment of perfumes.

In addition to being pricey, perfume frequently comes in a delicate glass bottle that can break or leak easily while being moved. Moving perfume from one place to another can be challenging but not impossible.

If you are anything like me, you most likely have a few essential perfumes that you simply cannot live without. However, how should you pack them to prevent damage?

In this article, we will go through exactly how to pack your perfume for moving and protect it from damage when embarking on a short journey or flying.

How to Pack Perfume for Moving?

01# Sort Through and Categorise Your Perfumes

Sorting your assortment of perfumes into several categories should be your very first priority before packing.

This will allow you to identify which perfumes you now own and which you must bring with you when you move. You can sort the products in your collection into the following groups:

  • Perfumes that aren’t frequently worn:  The best option for fragrances that you no longer wear is usually to donate or give them away. You don’t need to carry any clutter with you during your travel to your new setting.
  • Perfumes that have passed their expiration date: This is something that many people overlook. Usually, around their expiration date, perfumes start to lose part of their potency and, on certain occasions, even start to smell odd. Thus, it is best to get rid of expired perfumes.
  • Perfumes that are almost finished: If you truly can’t bear to part with them, consider giving them to a family member instead; it won’t be worth the trouble to move them.
  • Your favorite perfume bottles: You should concentrate your focus on these fragrances the most. You will want to move them carefully and avoid breaking anything. To prevent them from getting misplaced or destroyed in congested cardboard boxes, you can place them in a compact bag that you always carry with you or in a backpack.

In general, clearing out your belongings before you move ensures a stress-free transition and a genuine clean slate in your new home.

You can start packing now that you have organized your collection!

02# Keep your Perfume in its Original Box

If you still own the original packaging, keeping your perfume in it is the best option. Because of the tight fit that these boxes are made to provide, your perfume will be securely stored even during the move.

However, because it will be moving, we suggest placing some additional cushioning on the box to protect the glass and keep it from sliding while being transported.

03# Seal the Perfume Bottle to Avoid Spillage During the move

Use tape to secure the caps when transporting perfume bottles with spray or roll on features with applicators for dabbing the fragrance onto the skin. This will prevent the caps from coming loose or falling out during the transportation of goods.

Make sure to use high-quality tape that will guarantee a snug fit and won’t leave a sticky film on the perfume container’s beautiful glass surface.

04# Wrap your Perfume in a Protective Layer

The perfume container should be wrapped in protective fabrics if you do not have the original packaging or a container that fits your perfume.

Keep in mind that each bottle should be wrapped in many layers of bubble wrap and wrapping paper and must be taped shut!

In order to prevent perfume spillage, the bottle should also be sealed. Depending on the kind of applicator your perfume has, you may choose to use tape to close the lids or a thin layer of plastic wrap over the opening of the perfume bottle.

To protect the glass bottle throughout transportation and to keep it from moving, add some more cushioning to the box. Moreover, if you did not save the original perfume packaging, skip this step and look for a compact, reliable box that snugly fits the fragrance bottle.

05# Put your Perfume in a More Sturdy Package

Next, put your perfumes in a bigger, more sturdy packaging.

If the perfume bottles are still in their original packaging, simply tuck the packages in between soft materials, such as clothing, blankets, etc., in a carton or backpack.

In case they are not, place them between bulky clothing after placing them in a travel box or toiletry bag with other accessories and cosmetics.

Regardless of the packaging, you use to keep your perfume bottles, just be certain it is stable on the bottom and also that the containers won’t move while being transported. For example, make absolutely sure that the cardboard box’s bottom is taped down so it will not break at any moment.

Bonus tips

There are some minor things to consider when traveling with your favorite perfumes.

  1. Make sure that you keep your perfumes out of direct sunlight to prevent the scent from fading.
  2. Additionally, keep your perfume in a cool, dark location because high or low temperatures might alter the scent.
  3. Needless to say, store your perfumes out of the reach of children and pets because they might easily damage the bottles and spill their contents.
  4. You might want to think about using an ice box for very long journeys over a long period of them. This is because, in such cases, your perfumes are more inclined to be subjected to hot and humid conditions. Ice boxes are made of polystyrene that is waterproof and provides superior protection for delicate objects like perfume bottles, so it is a perfect choice!
  5. Regardless of the kind of packing containers you choose, think about padding the bottom with something like a towel to provide a cushioning barrier for your delicate perfume bottles.
  6. Closing the box and securing it tightly after covering the perfume bottles with a protective covering, for example, a big, thick towel, is also something to keep in mind!
  7. And most important of all, mark the packages with their contents and jot down “Fragile” across a couple of its sides in large, bold letters. Also, make sure to clearly label which side is up on any carton or polystyrene boxes that you use to store your perfumes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1# What is the best type of packaging material for perfume?

Ans: Cloth. For perfume packaging, the cloth is a lovely and wise option. Use a cloth to cover a box or create a pouch to hold a perfume bottle. Additionally, it enhances your identity and gives the outside of your products a fascinating touch.

Q2# Do moving companies accept perfume?

Ans: Yes, a moving company will accept liquids if they are packaged and labeled appropriately. For simple reference, you could also choose to give a list of the items stored in the box.

Q3# What is the most typical way that perfume is damaged when moving?

Ans: Although transporting fragile products will constantly be more challenging, there are techniques to avoid damage. Lack of labeling is the most frequent reason why perfumes are destroyed during transportation.

When a box is marked “Fragile” or “This way up,” your moving company is made aware of the requirement to handle it carefully and keep it upright to avoid spills.

Final Thoughts

And lo and behold! Just like that, your perfume bottles will be packed for a safe and secure move. Your perfumes will reach their destination safely if you follow the aforementioned recommendations without shedding a sweat.

With our article that discusses how to pack perfume for moving, you can ensure that your perfume stays flawlessly intact while you move, guaranteeing that your fragrances will arrive in pristine condition!

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