7 Best Perfumes Similar to Viva La Juicy (Viva La Juicy Alternative)

Charm: it’s a simple concept but so hard to get right. You have to perfectly balance sophistication with naturalness, and femininity with maturity.

That’s why when Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture came out in 2008 with its floral, fruity, and gourmand accords, it took the world by storm. There are still thousands of perfume lovers who swear it as their signature scent.

However, there’s always a problem with iconic scents:

They’re usually too commonplace, too expensive, or too one-note! Which is why I bring to you today a list of 7 perfumes similar to Viva La Juicy.

No matter what’s holding you back from this scent, I promise you’ll find the Viva La Juicy dupe of your dreams today!

7 Best Perfumes Similar to Viva La Juicy

1. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia for Women Eau de Toilette Spray

  • Notes: Pear, red berries, frangipani, patchouli
  • Similar in terms of: Fruity floral fragrance with white floral accords

We kick off our list with a classic Gucci perfume, Flora. It might be surprising that a brand like Gucci could make a Viva La Juicy knockoff, but this scent hits all the right spots.

The top notes are deliciously fruity with pear plus red berries. The middle notes consist of floral notes of gardenia and frangipani. The base note is simply patchouli.

The fruity opening and floral heart make this scent smell like Viva La Juicy, but the patchouli adds another dimension too. It’s also more fresh and aquatic, especially as frangipani is a tropical flower.

I love the fresh accord and feel that this makes it a great spring and daytime scent, especially as it balances out the cloying nature of most sweet perfumes.

The longevity of this perfume is moderate. While it might be a bit more expensive due to the brand, I would say it’s worth it as you can detect the elegance in the simple arrangement of notes.

2. Rogue by Rihanna Love Eau De Parfum for Women

  • Notes: Mandarin orange, orchid, coconut, caramel, vanilla, amber
  • Similar in terms of:

We all know that Rihanna is an amazing make-up entrepreneur in addition to being a talented singer and performer.

However, it seems like she’s being hiding some secrets…

Because this Viva La Juicy alternative proves that she’s a talented perfumer as well!

Rogue Love, like the name implies, is a sweet, flirty fragrance. The accords and note composition are so similar you’ll be thinking this is a Viva La Juicy clone, only to be surprised by a pleasant hit of coconut.

The top notes of this perfume are mandarin orange, peach, and red berries. In the middle, the notes are orchid, coconut, honeysuckle, and jasmine sambac. The base notes are rounded up with caramel, amber, vanilla, and woody notes.

The balance on these notes has been composed perfectly, especially with the lighter floral notes. I also love the bottle, which is a boxy masculine design despite the highly feminine nature of the perfume.

Unfortunately, although I love this scent, it’s a light perfume and requires reapplication. It might be more suitable for layering, or it may last longer on clothing.

3. Carmen Electra Eau de Parfum for Women

  • Notes: Mandarin orange, peach, jasmine, amber, caramel
  • Similar in terms of: Floral fragrance with gourmand notes

This bottle is probably one of the funkiest I own! Carmen Electra’s scent is a cult favourite Viva La Juicy knockoff, and you’ll definitely hear about it as one of the closest scents.

The note composition is thankfully less funky, with mandarin orange, blackberry, and peach in the top notes. The middle notes are made up of floral gardenia, jasmine, and orchid. The base notes are amber, caramel, sandalwood, and finally musk.

As you can easily see, the notes make this a great Viva La Juicy dupe, with the addition of amber and some difference in the floral and fruit notes for some variation.

But, what makes this scent even better?

It’s super affordable! If you’re looking for a perfume similar to Viva La Juicy that you can wear for everyday activities, like going to the grocery store to buy eggs, this is the perfume for you.

The longevity is moderate and may vary from person to person.

4. Tease by Victoria’s Secret Eau De Parfum for Women

  • Notes: Pear, mandarin orange, freesia, jasmine, chocolate, musk
  • Similar in terms of: Floral fruity fragrance with similar notes

This is probably not a name you’re surprised to see.

After all, Victoria’s Secret is well known for making sweet, girly, and flirty fragrances. Coming up with a perfume like Viva La Juicy should be no challenge for this company!

The top notes in Tease are fruity, with litchi, pear, red apple, and mandarin orange. The middle notes consist of florals, with gardenia, freesia, magnolia, sweet pea, and jasmine. The base notes are chocolate, black vanilla husk, sandalwood, benzoin, musk, and amber.

With that complex list of scents, this scent will be a heavily layered and sophisticated addition to your collection.

Plus, it perfectly hits those vanilla and citrus accords in addition to the essential sweet and white floral notes, which basically makes it a Viva La Juicy clone!

The longevity of this scent is pretty impressive, lasting upwards of 6 hours on me. I personally feel like it’s more appropriate as a night scent, but the fruity notes may make it appropriate for the daytime, too.


5. Ralph Lauren Tender Romance for Women Eau de Parfum Spray

  • Notes: Ginger, pear, jasmine, benzoin, musk
  • Similar in terms of: Floral fragrance with focus on white florals

While Ralph Lauren is better known for men’s fragrances and products, they came out with an amazing cologne that smells like Viva La Juicy.

The top notes in this amber fragrance are ginger, pear, and bergamot. The middle notes consist of white floral notes, with white magnolia, jasmine, and white ginger lily. Finally, the base notes include benzoin, musk, and cashmere wood.

One question you might have is, how can this be an amber fragrance without amber as a note?

Amber is actually a “fantasy note”, which means it does not come from a specific ingredient, but rather a blend. Here, the bottom notes of benzoin and cashmere wood make the amber note.

Despite the amber, this scent actually smells like Viva La Juicy thanks to the heavy white floral fragrance and the fresh fruity opening. The ginger is a unique kick that I love.

This scent is really long-lasting on me, but still gentle, which is perfect for the daytime and springtime or summertime.

6. Cacharel Amor Amor Eau de Toilette for Women

  • Notes: Black currant, orange, rose, apricot, vanilla, musk, amber
  • Similar in terms of: Floral fruity fragrance with gourmand notes

Now we have a perfume like Viva La Juicy with a bottle that’s completely unlike it!

Also, get ready:

The notes list is long with this one!

The top notes of this scent are black currant, mandarin and regular orange, cassia, grapefruit, and bergamot. Our floral notes in the middle are rose, jasmine, apricot, lily-of-the-valley, and lily. Finally, the base notes consist of vanilla, musk, tonka bean, amber and Virginia cedar.


You can see how there’s some duplication of notes, with both mandarin orange and orange, and lily-of-the-valley and lily. This layering of notes makes this scent a complex one.

Citrus is more dominant with this scent, but I like that aspect! It makes the scent a cologne that smells like Viva La Juicy but is brighter and more youthful.

It’s a strong scent that lasts a long time on the skin. Plus, the bottle is super unique and interesting, with the blood-red glass and rings around the spray nozzle.

7. Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance Body Spray for Women

  • Notes: Mandarin orange, peach, jasmine, coconut, vanilla, amber
  • Similar in terms of: Floral fruity scent with gourmand composition

I love coming across unique finds like this scent. It’s made to be affordable and simple but works as a surprisingly effective Viva La Juicy alternative.

The top notes are identical, explaining why it smells like Viva La Juicy, with mandarin orange, wild berries, and peach. The middle notes consist of gardenia, jasmine, coconut, and orchid. Finally, caramel, vanilla, whipped cream, woody notes, and amber make up the base notes.

Thanks to the affordable price, I love using this scent for both everyday usage and layering. The vanilla, coconut, and whipped cream are a delicious combo for this gourmand scent.

This perfume lasts long on the skin and smells fairly strong, so be careful with those extra sprays.

So, if you thought a cologne that smells like Viva La Juicy and is also affordable didn’t exist, I hoped I proved you wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# What are the notes in Viva La Juicy?

Ans: The top notes of Viva La Juicy are wild berries and mandarin orange. The middle notes consist of honeysuckle, jasmine, and gardenia. Finally, the base notes are made up of caramel, vanilla, praline, amber, and sandalwood.

Q2# What is a gourmand fragrance?

Ans: A gourmand fragrance is one that has edible notes, such as vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. Usually, these fragrances are sweet and smell like dessert!

Q3# How long does Viva La Juicy last?

Ans: Viva La Juicy lasts a moderate amount of time on me: roughly 4 hours on the skin and up to 5 or 6 hours on clothing. The longevity of perfume may vary for different people and different batches of production.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to perfumes similar to Viva La Juicy, it’s not possible to find a perfect match, but there are some amazing options out there. I hope this article introduced you to some of them!

Which one did you like best? What perfume should I write about next time? Let me know!

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